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Where Detroit Is Set Isn’t Necessarily Set But On a Great Set
Sad Gags,( the door gag didn’t work and her timing was WAY off after that for most of the gags in that scene) , Exposition, Exposition, Actors Watching, Players Standing (but were they listening?), Patter Poetry (it was scripted theatrical poetry at times), Exposition Therapy Monologs, dumb sense of nowhereness, no truth about where they were ( –“it could have been Detroit it could have been anywhere” the director told us.) No truth, to me, about pyromania, no truth about drug addiction (unless drug addiction IS a hopeless thing you can’t get away from) little or no truth about love and romance and sex, no truth about family, no truth about criminal consequences, no truth about devastation, not much truth about wasting life and time. So what was it? Was it lies told (with bad timing sometimes on the jokes), embarrassingly unsensual sex, flaccid conversation, and a wrecked house? Heck, I could have stayed home for that.

But if I had stayed home, I would have missed Tawny Tidwell’s stage management, the really good use of space, the high production values for a low ceiling theater, the revolving stage the good set and props work, the effective lighting, the fun sound.

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May 23, 2014