Summer 2014, Catestrophic Theater

Tamarie XChris


As the play began, one assumed it would be about Christmas holiday cheer however the play takes a turn when Christmas day himself decides to quit. Tamarie then goes in search of a replacement holiday and we are drawn into her journey as she explores the various holidays. From the least common ones, Arbor Day, Secretaries Day, Columbus day, to the more common ones like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving to name a few. Each holiday has their own plot twist and expose some extremely funny realities. The play has a lot of music and dances which were all choreographed by Tamarie herself. Towards the end of the play, they passed out candy in a jar to everyone in the crowd for a good ol’ sniff as a wonderful reminder of our long lost childhood. If you’re looking for some raw adult humor and some fun, be sure to check out A Very Tamarie Christmas.

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