Qualifications to be a Critic for The Houston Critic

It is the goal of The Houston Critic to cover every major cultural event in Houston, Texas.  That means every show, every festival, every issue, every culture, every everything to do with Houston that can benefit from constructive, thoughtful, honest, fair, criticism with integrity.  At the moment, it is a labor of love with all our writers doing critical reviews because we believe that criticism is a great positive force for enlightenment and improvement.  When we get up and running full force, this being our first full season, and we have decided how to fund the publication, we hope to have a roster of paid critics and reporters. (because of legal considerations, all our reporters will be paid a penny a year, even now)

To do the coverage we have promised, we have recruited students of the arts and of culture who will develop expertise in analyzing culture and writing real criticism, not just ‘reviews’ of the things they cover.  The goal of this criticism will be to foster improvement and progress.


We are in the process of developing ‘regular’ critics who cover areas of their growing expertise whose writing can be known and familiar to our readers. These might be retired persons from the fields of their coverage or students at university doing criticism as a part of their graduate studies.  Their increasing knowledge of current Houston culture and how it relates to our Houston history and how Houston is situated as a world leader in the arts and culture and the audience familiarity with them will make The Houston Critic better and better as time goes on.


Please don’t let our attempts to find the most expert, most beautifully expressive critics available to us in Houston shroud the fact that we need 60 to 80 ‘intern critics’ and even large number of young student critics to come close to covering everything of import in Houston.  We will even send young, young students to let producing agencies hear how, for instance, a 12 year old reacts to the symphony.  If you want to be a critic, we want to give you the chance to prove that you can be.

QUALIFICATIONS —  Honesty, fairness, integrity, work ethic, timeliness, willingness to learn and to believe in change for the better.  We can work out the rest from there.