Met II Dance, Met Too

The Metropolitan Dance Company Houston  NEXT SHOW OCTOBER 1ST, NOVEMBER 6TH, NOVEMBER 22ND

Reflection by Met Dance

May 21, 2014 — This was the most enjoyable student recital I have gone to so far this season. It was well designed. It was well executed. It was considerate of the audience, sitting in a hall with unnecessarily empty seats. From dance to dance, it carried me along effortlessly. Anyone would enjoy this show it seems to me. Maybe next time if there are some extra tickets we can make them available through this site. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Watching the first act my mind drifted a bit to questions of focus and song choice. I’ve heard that dance has to serve the music but not at the disservice of the dance. It’s a dance recital, after all. During the first act, some of the songs went on past limitations of the dance, one of which, I believe was ‘togetherness’ in the sections designed to be performed in the same way by several dancers at once. It seems that a shorter dance that teaches the students what it is like to really hit the beats and poses, in performance, as an ensemble would be better for the students than a dance, the length of which is as long as some song. I also found myself asking myself which was the correct choice for an individual performer when that performer is quicker, maybe stronger, maybe a bit more developed than the rest of the ensemble. Is it right to steal focus and wreck the ensemble motion to show the audience how the move COULD be executed if everyone else was as fast? I remember great, strong performers saying, “If they can’t keep up…….blow them off the stage”. This may be correct for a person’s individual career, but what about the integrity of the dance? If one is good or maybe great, isn’t part of that greatness the ability to slow or bend to fit the group dynamic and unity?

There were some really well trained dancers who executed a few truly amazing moves and made some really memorable moments. All the Met Too dancers exhibited grace. No plodding from one part of the stage to another for this troupe. Their balance was pretty good. I found myself wondering how one might increase the strength of a group of high school students. Is weight training good for dancers? How did that girl on crutches in the audience get injured? Will she dance again?

I liked This is Madness. The energy was fun. Allegro West Academy of Dance did some really fun stuff, as did Kingwood Jazz and Company. Scenic World Not Forgotten was pretty tight. The featured dancer on Apathetic Notion seemed to be such an inspiration, on stage, right there, to the other dancers that I had to mention her, though I don’t know her name.

They may be in high school but these are some dancers. The Met Too faculty must be doing something right.