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Fund Raising Fashion Fete

November 7, 2014 —

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It is Possible That They’re Still Playing the Same Show They Were Presenting Last Time I went Twenty Years Ago or More?

April 12, 2014 — It was strange that for my reentry into the world of seeing shows all the time, I went to “Wu Tsang — Moved By Motion (featuring boychild)” at DiverseWorks and it was the same show that was there, in their other location, way back in the decades ago. There were a few rewrites. The words were similar and familiar, but maybe not exactly the same. The vision onstage was essentially the same. It was a different set of artists — the others would have been old by now, but I felt like I had walked into a time warp. Could it be DiverseWorks has had the same show with different names for a twenty or thirty year run?

They had upgraded the costume and make-up of the lead. In the older show it was chocolate that was the only covering for the actors’ chests and in the new one it was edible spray paint.

If standing on a pedestal for the whole performance displaying a moustacheyish face and pert rounded breasts is a healing experience for the actor or the audience, I suppose everything was worth it– the time, the lights in the eyes of the audience, the loud sound barrage, sometimes controlled by the actors’ iphones.

If we talk art…. and if the most jarring line is something like “I got his foreskin caught in my braces” and the rest of the poetry recitation is a list of instructions to the panty clad, otherwise undressed, spray painted, ‘boychild’, intoned like the guy in that movie who says “It wipes the lotion on its skin”, to uncover shoulders and breasts, and if the dance is justified by mime-like strong shoulder shaking like epilepsy about to come on, then maybe I saw art. Here I am the one who has claimed that all that is required for it to be performance or art is for someone, sometime, to say it is. They called it performance. I think they called it performance art. But dog goned it, I could swear that chocolate show was just like……..