Music Notes And Reviews

Welcome to The Houston Critic’s page developed to review and muse about music.  Included here will be links to Norman’s Exercise Cycle, designed for the guitar and adding new pages to achieve a 365 day cycle of guitar exercises that will move any guitarist, beginner or expert, toward mastery of the guitar.  Included will be selections from the website RiffCycle.  The will also be the page were our critics and writers and outside critics and writers can post notes about music and their thoughts thereof or about.  We will also use this page for reviews of reoccurring shows in Houston, stuff you can see any week on an ongoing basis.  There may even be some entries from the poetic expose of the music industry, past and present by Q.Z. Blaze called  “Sick Muse”


Norman’s Guitar Exercise Cycle   and RiffCycle.


To maintain balance and good all around tone and dexterity, meaning to gain the precision and speed that tone and dexterity allow.  I have developed and will post daily exercises for the guitar which are good for all levels.  I also will be posting “riffs” here on this page, so keep checking back.