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July 12, 2014

Overheard during the second act of Class Act Productions’ Rogers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific “do you think the Frenchman will live?” Let me back up…when dear friends encourage you to attend great performing group’s shows, LISTEN and ACT! We finally coordinated an evening of theater, first enjoying Thai Cottage delicacies, one of many restaurants nearby the easy access venue of The Woodlands College Park Theatre, ample free parking.
This evening’s success could easily be a home run before the first note since SP, based on the Pulitzer prize winning novel “Tales of the South Pacific” by James a. Michener, is one of my favorite musicals. However, like the baseball analogy, it could be a loser — it all depends on the players.
From the first note, the melodic, effective pit orchestra set the musical stage for the audience to all but hear the breezes and feel the sand in the islands of the South Pacific during World War II. They weren’t too loud, weren’t too soft, were in tune (sorry) and kept pace with the cast and soloists while keeping up their embouchure and flexible fingers for a long evening!
The sets included the proscenium arches of the stage, keeping the ambiance of the islands with us at all times.
The orchestra brought us to the islands, we’re happy, and then the curtain rises to remarkable sets and costumes that kept us there and I’m still thinking of them! The lighting was fresh and encouraged the audience to stay involved in all the action on stage, missing nothing.
Leads Ensign Nellie Forbush (Jenny Gee/College Park HS) and Emile de Becque (Alec Ryan/Klein Oak HS) performed at an increasingly rising standard of energy, diction, comedy and lyrical art. Remember, SP has an extremely LONG first half! Hats off to Emile for keeping character, tone and volume when microphones were not always his friend.
Bloody Mary (Faith Fryer/The Woodlands HS ); Luther Billis (Aidan Stock/The Woodlands HS) and Lt. Joseph Cable USMC (Jacob Ables/StoneBridge UMC) kept the performance standard high, enhancing the comedy with the caveat of the seriousness of the setting — why these young men and women were even on these islands at this time. Yes, young men and women! My husband reminded me the true heroes of the Pacific were not much older than those on stage this evening. God bless them.
Class Act Productions offers theatre going audiences HOPE! These young people demonstrated professionalism, talent and dedication with creative, driving and vibrant ensemble performances. Sets, lighting and costumes augmented the lively choreography that kept all eyes on the stage and no snoring!
Great access to restrooms, photos of current and past productions available for low cost; concessions, even flowers to celebrate the hard working performers! Intermission found actors handing out lovely leis for audience members to wear during the second act. The Class Act Team thinks of everything!
Disappointments were few, starting with the house having too many seats unoccupied! Casual wear appeared acceptable, great for the climate of the theater – a bit warm unless they were truly going for the true experience — the weather of the islands! Programs were exhausted prior to everyone being seated, so go early to ensure you have the list of incredible actors to take home and watch their careers!
Performances continue July 13, 18, 19 and 20, or their 18th season
My Fair Lady (October); My Son Pinocchio (February and Mary Poppins (July).
What performers won YOU over the first time you saw “South Pacific?” Class Act Production cast members? Mary Martin/Ezio Pinza? Mitzi Gaynor/ Rossano Brazzi ? or