Hope Roper Foundation –Sample Project Ideas

When there seems no hope for progress or change, the Hope Roper will be there to give Texas-Sized Hope to the cause.  Here are some sample pages to illustrate the types of organizations and causes the Hope Roper might want to lasso.  Please email hope@hoperoper.org to offer hints, help, hope.

AnyThere.us EveryThere.us PopBy.info       Archive Rain      Barter Lend / NuSwap /SecMoney

Btlbot  / HMButler      Constant Shakespeare    Dancer’s Playtime       Die Jammin’    Dreamtics

Freemo.org    Gigtics  Gymprovise  Improv(e)   Lesson Report   LimberTwo   Move The Vote.info

Peripatetic School/ Teachwalk  /Physment / TutorWalk    Spont Fest

Traditional Music Museum/Folk Museum    U Beg     U Ought   WolfeboroCollege

The Link Spot